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After Two Years. Finally I am Back

D4, my best friends

Saturday, July 11 of this year. Finally I step my feet at Natuna – my hometown. Meeting with D4 – my best friends was the  first thing that made me happy to do. Actually, dramatic meeting I imagined did not happen at all. Nothing change, that was the moment I liked so much. For two years we’ve been apart, and I was feeling like I’ve never left them at all. I was glad to meet them and sharing our story. But, unfortunately I had to leave them again because my home was far away from them, actually It stood at different island. We wanted to break our fasting together, but it was not held because my grandpa really wanted to see me first.

My house at the city The first time I arrived at my house at the city, I was really happy to see my garden. All the plants I’ve planted two and three years ago is growing so beautiful (for me). Some of them grew too fast, so my dad cut them. It’s fine, I was glad they were not killed. I also brought new plant from Malang (Tradescantia zebrina), and I planted it near my house. I can’t wait to see them in next two years.

I saw the city, I saw the same things. There were really not had a lot of changes. I saw the new traffic sign, but that was not intresting at all. I wished I could see big difference, but none. Deep down I promised to my self, I will make changes this city to a better one.

I was also on a project. I recorded activities and cultures at my hometown. I wanted to show people and my friends how we live at here. I wanted to share them stories. Friends really wonder how my house look like from above of the sea (we actually live above the sea). I will edit it soon and share them at my youtube channel Loan House Production.

My home, nothing change after this two years


3 comments on “After Two Years. Finally I am Back

  1. thank you so much.. i wrote about it often, just this post was the first time i used English on it. Later, i will write more

  2. I’m looking forward to your photos. You have a unique way of life. It would be interesting to learn about it. Happy you are pleased to be home. 😀

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