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Indonesian » Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth – From the Ocean to the Mountain (Kedalaman – dari Samudera ke Puncak Dunia)

Talking about depth…
What are you thinking..?
How are you feeling..?
___________________Gone Girl ending narration style___________

29042012886Talking about depth, let start it from the ocean.. Ocean is a such mystery place especially what things that hidden down below whether human race can’t live and not everybody can see how creepy that place. One of the deepest place on the earth is Mariana Trench that has 11.033 meters depth. What lies beyond there are really amazing. Everything that can live down there are really awesome. Talking about depth, nothing compare than talking about the depth of our ocean on the earth.

I captured this photo at Senoa Island, Natuna, Indonesia. This is one of view from my village and that photo was my best friend, Deddy. I live in the middle of South China Sea. That is really a small place where you can easily pass with without wondering to see it.


Talking about depth is not only about the depth of the ocean. From the ocean, let’s go the mountain. Talking about mountain is not only about how high they are, but you can look deep inside. Especially for the volcano mountain. They are not only high but their “hole” are really deep too.

That photo was captured at Mount Bromo, Indonesia. That is not really deep, but playing with good angel gave the “depth” sense look good.

– photo by M. Salasanto

PING!!! Depth

Another depth photos from my friends over the world

3 comments on “Indonesian » Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth – From the Ocean to the Mountain (Kedalaman – dari Samudera ke Puncak Dunia)

  1. thanks for visiting me back.. this is really good challenge, I live at the place where close to the ocean and the mountain behind

  2. I like that the photos are opposite in depth from mountain to ocean. Both showcase extreme depth. Well done ..!!!
    Thank you for the pingback on my photo. I’m happy you liked it.
    Isadora : )

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