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Indonesian » Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself (Ekspresikan Dirimu)

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Photography: Expressing your self through some captures

You can express yourself through everything. One of them that you can do every time is your hobby. Mine are photography, writing, designing, and playing music. Things that we love to do every weeks are joining and complete this weekly photo challenge. Together we express our selves through photography.


Dancing: There are so many ways to express your self. Some beautiful moves can express who you are or what do you want to express.

I captured this photo at Singosari temple, Malang, Indonesia when I was joining Samala Expedition last September that held by Malang Post. We visited many temple spots at Malang to discover  the hidden history of Majapahit through Malang window  even the original history  did not come from Malang itself. When we arrived at Singosari temple, we were welcomed by two traditional dancers. For some people, they can read what messages those dancers wanted to say. But, the main point is how those dancers express their selves through some moves.

– photo by M. Salasanto

PING!!! Express Your Self

“Expressing Your Self” through my friends’ window

3 comments on “Indonesian » Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself (Ekspresikan Dirimu)

  1. Fotonya keren Maulz….

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