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Indonesian » Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity (Ketanangan)


Serenity: Calm, Warm, and Beautiful. A view from another side of Mount Bromo, Indonesia

With soft colors that make a view so calm and beautiful. It is a kind of view that called Serenity in my perspective. Now days, those kind of view become rare and extremely rare day by day. I like the place like that has no building around, no smoke from vehicle or fabric, and a place that far from human touch. In Indonesia, one of those kind of place is Mount Bromo. It is not exactly at the mountain, but at the other side of it precisely at the west side of Mount Bromo. There are many place like that in Indonesia, but going to those location are not easy and cheap. But, it is paid when you arrive.


High: at the top of Mount Bromo

For me, when no one around me is the real Serenity. I like to be alone in the place that sound you can only hear is the earth natural sound like wind, water flow, fire, stones fall, animals, and my breath. I can feel my deep feeling in Serenity Mode like that.

– photo by M. Salasanto

PING!!! Serenity

Another Serenity Captures

5 comments on “Indonesian » Weekly Photo Challenge: Serenity (Ketanangan)

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  2. it’s not cool.. hooot!!! 😀

  3. To me I found serenity walking the rim of the volcano.

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