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Indonesian » Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed (Berbayang)


A shadow winner | a shadow shoot with my best friend

Making a talking photo can be difficult depends on what theme do you want to shoot. Everything around you can become your inspiration  even just from shadow. Low-light photography can be difficult to get right, but sometimes the absence of light can make for a compelling, dramatic photograph. Experimenting with shadows can be a fun and rewarding way to push yourself to try something new with your camera and your surroundings, and look beyond the obvious shot. I caption this photo as “a shadow winner | a winner shadow”. Even a little photo came with a little memory. That was with my best friend two years ago and the memory keeps stick in my mind. – photo by M. Salasanto

Pemandangan dari atas jemabatan Suramadu

The view from above Suramadu

Sunset can give you a beautiful and dramatic photograph. Silhouette shows more amazing photography experiences. This photo was taken above Suramadu bridge, Indonesia. You may not stop at the bridge to take this kind of photo, playing with shutter speed will help you. – photo by M. Salasanto

PING!!! Shadowed

Another shadowed captures

4 comments on “Indonesian » Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed (Berbayang)

  1. Thanks for your appreciate.. Try something new as many as we can, can make we know how to get a good shoot..

  2. Brilliant photos. I love the first one – it definitely shows you are good friends having a good time together. The second photos is really good too, and very clear given that you were moving. I’ve always found adjusting the shutter speed tricky 🙂

  3. Thank you for pingback 🙂 Cheers from Ireland…

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