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2014 shoot of the month : 600 Words of Love


By M. Salasanto

This is about love
At first time I saw you with your gloves
You were freezing, me too
It was dark at the sky, no blue

You looked at me
I remember you were at a tree
I went there
I couldn’t even imagine there was a love to share

That night was so scary
but with you, I felt so free
I did not know you at all
You did not know me too at all

I asked your name
You asked me the same
We became close and closer day by day
I felt like I was swimming in Marina Bay

I felt so cool because of you
I did not lie, it was so true
There was nothing I could not do
The sky became brighter than blue
I knew,
I loved you

Next day, I asked you to be my girlfriend
You said yes and we were more than friend
Looking at you was the only thing I wanted
Holding your hand was my daily target
Every night I dreamed you in my head
You were more special than my bed

Together, we shared love
You were the music in me
You said “Forever, I will always love you”

Then, I saw you with a man
walking so close and holding your hand
You saw me
But, I felt like you did not see

I have never seen such no view
Dark hole inside my eyes, because of you
No music, no love left, it was a memory
Oh my God, there so much things I can not see

There was you

Can I know who is your love for?
You are no hearted girl, I deserve more
Should I try to make you fly?
and then throw you from the sky?
No, I am not that kind of man

From the sea I flew away
I am free, I am here today
I see, to my God I always pray

I know,
I am just a slave come from the island you can not see
I slept with every fishes,
and I looked for a fairy to grant every wishes

At the past, from the sea I saw the island
Green trees with beautiful blue sky
I wondered when I would be there
I had no voice, I couldn’t bear

It feels like you throw me to the sky
I know I will fall than die
I only have you
What the hell can I do?

Now, I am standing in this island
Now, I am finally stamping my feet at the grass
Now, I have a beautiful house
No turtles, no sharks, I just see a cute mouse
Now, I am looking at you

Look at the pieces of that glass
There was a picture of us
You brake it, and it is covered by dust

I am frozen in the ice
You are bad, but you were nice
I see the world fades away
Eating colors and it turns grey

I see the downstairs
I feel high, I am afraid
I always do

Now, I am looking at the mirror
Only thing I can see is a terror
I can not believe I am crying
Right now, I am dying

You say sorry
and you always think it heals me
How can I pretend to understand?
I always love you,
But I will be abandoned sand

Now, the birds are flying over the grass
I am wondering who else I can trust
I am just nothing
I am able to stop believing

I am not sad
although I am mad
Yesterday was one thing I had
Who cares, it must be bad

I will never love you again
I will fall and fly away
You will never see me as your man
You will never have anything to say

There, I always stand
to feel the chance of living again

It is enough for me to live in pain

Category : Love
Story about love from beninning till the ending


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