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What I Will Be . .


I love biology. I also like plants and the way they grow. I learn so much thing about our nature from biology, that is why I decided to concern in agriculture.

When I was child,  I liked to read every scince books that I’ve found at my house. Actually, those books belonged to the previous owner of my house. They left so many books. My sister also often liked to play “school” and we learned everything at backyard. At first, My favourite was astronomy, until it turned into biology when My watermelon started fruiting 😀 .

When I was at senior high school I joined biology olympic, I have joined Biology Olimpic twice and I won both of them. I am so proud of my self of course, my parent must be proud too.

Now, I am on college. My departement is Agriculture. I do not learn biology at all like I did before, but My study is more specific, and I learn so much things about plants and the way they grow. At this time, I am so busy. Not me at all, but all of my friends at the same department with me are busy too. We learn, We Find, We analize, and We are doing research too.

I want to be a botanical scientist someday. My favourites are fruits, mushrooms, and plant desease, so one of them will be my research on my next grade. I want to work with our government and many researchers around the world, because I want to make something new in agriculture world, useful for civilization, and cheaper, so everyone can use it beacuse I want to give “big things” before I die. I want to develove my small village and mange every potentials that I can find, so we will have our selves-food storages and for the next level, we will be the one of Indonesia’s important island, and we will have something to export to our neighborhood. Eventhough I will be busy at work, I promise to my self that I will not let my job prevents me to have much time with my children and my wife. I do not want to be a rich person, I just want to be happy with everything I have. And the main thing is I want to make my parents proud of me, and I will go to Mecca and every countries with them soon.

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