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Exploring Macro : Tiny Flowers


2 days ago, I bought a macro lens for phone online, and last night the lens came. I excited.
I love close up photography, and I wanted to do macro someday, and now I get it.
This morning I captured many things in nature, I love them all. They were beautiful, amzing, and some of them were horrible. Beauty like paradise, and horrible like monsters.
In this occasion I would like to share some of them – flowers. Yeah flowers just were beautiful. I captured all tiniest flowers that I could find around my house today.

It just as small as my smallest nail

2 hari yang lalu, aku membeli lensa hp secara online, dan tadi malam lensanya datang. Aku senang. Aku suka foto close up, dan aku ingin makro fotografi nanti, dan sekarang aku mendapatkannya.
Pagi ini aku fotokan berbagai hal di alam, aku suka mereka semua. Mereka indah, menakjubkan, dan beberapa diantaranya menyeramkan. Indah seolah surga, dan seram seolah monster.
saat ini aku ingin membagi hasil itu – bunga. Ya bunga saat itu indah sekali. Aku mengambil gambar semua bunga bunga yang berukuran sangat kecil yang bisa aku cari.

They are beautiful tiny flowers

Look inside this beautiful yellow tiny flower, You even can’t see it with your eyes in Nature


They have simple colour, but they have amazing structures

With my lens, I can explore more close to the objects, and I have problems. It’s difficult, I thought It was easy like the result I saw on the book, but it’s not. Really I unexpected that, every little moves I did, or wind was did to the objects, it screwed up, and messed up. Little, but it caused big problem. On camera, it became big moves. I was tired to try, my both hands got sick. But I keep practicing, I wanted to get the great shoots, I had to do everything to get it all.

White flowers is so fresh

It took a couple of time to get these shoots


They are hard to find, I almost missed this one

A little sunflower-like

IMG-20130731-01320I love it

IMG-20130731-01319Ready to bloom

EXIF of These flowers photos
Photographer : Maulyadi Salasanto
Camera : Blackberry Bold 9780 (Onyx 2)
Date : July, 31 2013
Location : Malang, East Java


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