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Strong Chains – Rantai

This will be fun, wether holding gates closed, making a fence, or used in jewelry there are chains everywhere. The challenge is to make everyday chains interesting or to find them in odd places.

This Photos I took this morning at my neighbour house. And Any chains I found around me.

Ini menyenangkan, menahan pagar agar terkunci, membuat pagar bahkan, sampai menjadikannya untuk hiasan. Itu Rantai, ada rantai dimana mana. Tantangan kali ini ialah menemukan Rantai.


Another function of Chains

Rantai Sepeda Motor – these are chains in different shape and function

EXIF of These Photos
Photographer : Maulyadi Salasanto
Camera : Blackberry Bold 9780 (Onyx 2)
Date : July, 30 2013
Location : Malang, East Java

PING!!! http://sundaystills.wordpress.com/2013/07/28/the-next-challenge-chains/

6 comments on “Strong Chains – Rantai

  1. Well done, lots of “chain” here. 🙂

  2. Excellent! I would never have thought of a bicycle chain!

  3. Thank you Ed, I would like to join the next and next challenges from you. I love it

  4. Excellent shots, welcome to Sunday Stills..:-))

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