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Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge : Abstract

abstrack1Just an abstract from abstract leaves

Abstract photography is a process of using different shapes, lines, curves and patterns combined to create an image and rules, such as composition and accurate focusing hold no values. With no true meaning or no clear subject involved, the abstract photo does not necessarily mean the same thing to everyone. It leaves more to the imagination and aids us to concentrate on feeling and thought rather than the whole subject. Patterns and Close-ups of flowers and other plant life make for great abstract images.  There are no guidelines for creating good abstract photography.  Just use your imagination along with the natural world to create your master piece.

Abstrak ini semacam proses menggunakan bentuk, garis, kurva, pola, dan tekstur yang dikombinasikan untuk menciptakan sebuah gambar yang punya arti tertentu. Tidak dibutuhkan kemampuan khusus dalam abstrak, hanya gunakanlah imajinasimu seluas mungkin

abstarck2Beautiful abstract shoot

abstrack3Water reflection could make an abstract too

abstrack4a strange abstract painting




10 comments on “Black and White Weekly Photo Challenge : Abstract

  1. Thanks, I apreciate it much.. The second one called ulekan in my country, it’s such kind of manual smashing vegetables. It made from a stone.

  2. These are fabulous interpretations! I looked at the second one for ages- some kind of looms for rope or weaving? The reflection is great too. 🙂

  3. Thanks for understanding. 😀 My CFIDS and Fibro causes some concentration problems sometimes and well, it’s tough getting old too. 😆

  4. No problem, I understand that

  5. Pleased to meet you Maulz and what a lovely name that is for sure. Unfortunately I won’t be able to remember it as I normally go on the names that the bloggers use to post but let’s see if I do…hehehehe. I might just surprise myself..LOL!

  6. Thanks Sonel, I love yours too,, by the way, Lensa is m camera name, my name is Maulz 🙂

  7. Stunning entry Lensa. I just love it! Thanks so much for taking part and for sharing. Much appreciated. 😀

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