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My Story : I Love dancing

The one of my hobby is dancing. Do you know?, I love dancing so much, it seems like I live with dancing,, I love to dance in a whole of my life. I don’t think this is weird, but everybody do. A boy likes dancing sounds weird, strange, but i do not care about it. Everybody love what can they do, what tallents do they have. Yeah, Dancing is mine.

How do i know dance?
In my family, i am the only one who can dance, I don’t know why, but it seems like I born to dance. I have been dancing since I was 9 years old when the new year party. I do Malay dance, but I also can do many kind of dance, such break dance, modern dance, and tango. I was teached dance by my teacher with my five other friends. The dance we did was very simple, we moved and up our hands, did it, and did it again.

Why do i like to dance?
Dancing is like to express much words by our step. Step by step we do can make a beautiful dance, and every step we do can create something we want to. I love moving side by side, and place my hands down and up. Dance is my feeling. Whatever I feel, I love to express it with dance.

What can i get with dance?
Happy, I am happy when I dance. Feeling sad, angry, and everything. I dance to throw them away.

Friends, I am not the only one who love dance. And I am not the only boy who do dance. I do not dance alone, I have friends. We collect much steps and make them nice dance. If we dance together, the first thing we need is cooperation. It makes us bestfriend forever. Money, I dance and I get money. We know about juvenile deliquency, most of teenagers do something wrong to express what do they feel, but I dance to express it. I am far from the wrong side, and I reach the right side. With dance, I always get some money for my show. I love it so much.

  • I love dancing so much, my family love what can i do, i don’t care about what people said. I do what can i do, I do what everybody can not do. I am 16 years old now. I don’t know will i dance again when I study at other place. I will miss it so much.

The last words i want to say is “Everybody can dance, and You should do what can you do now. Do not wait any chances to do it, because I am not sure you will find it at another places”

3 comments on “My Story : I Love dancing

  1. harus tetap ada!! budaya adalah jati diri bangsa!! lestarikan mas bro!

  2. thankyou bro, budaya yg ga boleh hilang di indonesia,

  3. mantep mas bro…
    teruslah kembangkan 🙂

    “manusia tanpa budaya apa lah arti hidup nya.” (di kutip dari salah satu esay)

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